Set of fresh and healthy microgreens
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Naturally grown. From the field to your table.

Growers since 2009

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 We naturally grow our products so that you have the best quality.

100% Grown Naturally

Respect Biodiversity

We use Renewable Energy

We use non GMO Seeds

Artisan Manufacture

Certified Quality

Our Products

Leaf of Japanese kombu soaked seaweed

Salted Algae

Our salted algae are collected in the Atlantic Ocean

Heap of radish micro greens


We have a collection of flavors with our microgreens. 

Calendula flowers

Edible Flowers


 Fresh flowers to give color to your dishes.

Mini white turnips

Micro Vegetables


 Small vegetables with great flavor. The perfect garnish for your creations.

various herbs and spices

More than 150 spices from the world…

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Sustainable Packaging

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Cultiva, come y disfruta

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